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The Academy

Built on Eighty-Eight acres of beautifully forested rolling hills overlooking the Runaway Bay Ocean, Mount Pleasant Academy, embodies the epitome of the perfect blend between academia and sports. 
An environment  of fun, healthy rivalry, intellectual curiosity, creative, teamwork, and love of learning characterize our academy. Mount Pleasant is uniquely poised to provide the type of stimulus that will ensure boys who have a love for football is able to marry his appetite for the sport with his academic pursuits in a community which harnesses both in perfect symbiosis.

We prize equally, academic excellence and sporting achievement. We differ from all other high schools because we believe an education in sports is just as valuable as an education in the sciences. Consequently, we provide our students with opportunities abound to excel both in academic studies with a concentration in practical skills, human development, languages, and sport; furthermore, our boys are encouraged to develop independence of mind, alongside the ability to work in a team to achieve success.

The academy was born out of a vision to bring the development of Jamaica’s football in line with first world standards. Our goal is to help and encourage our boys to become a confident, articulate, vibrant young man with a true sense of self-worth, humility and integrity who will feel and be fit for a full, active, and personally satisfying life in the world, beyond school be that as a professional footballer, lawyer, farmer, electrician, plumber or entrepreneur. 

Our Vision
& Mission

Pursuing Excellence, Personal Development and Integrity through Training, Education, Leadership and Vision.

At Mount Pleasant Academy, we harness and develop the talents and potentials of young footballers who will be the next generation of world stars, in a safe, professional, and caring environment. 

Our Vision & Mission
Our Aim

Our Aim

Mount Pleasant Academy aims to provide a stimulating environment where our students can reach their full potential in every aspect of physical, sporting, moral, professional, intellectual and social development. This is achieved through a fully integrated, well-balanced and structured academic and sporting curriculum from which the children can acquire the footballing skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes to enable them to transition into excellent professional players and independent, responsible members of society. The academy’s Vision and Mission Statements, Aims, Objectives and Values reflect the guiding principles that will be the soul of everything we do.

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