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Our Academics

Mount Pleasant Academy has a unique blend of Football and Academics; the Institution has accepted the mandate of designing holistic programmes that educate and challenge the boys at the Secondary level. The Academy develops and monitors the essential curriculum offering for Secondary levels through Cultural Studies (Physical Education, Religious Education); Languages (Italian, Language Arts, Spanish and French); Mathematics & Information Technology; Science (Biology, Agriculture, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science) and Social Sciences (Geography, Social Studies). The students are also exposed to skills such as Furniture Making, Building Construction, General Maintenance and Electrical Studies. We have partnered with HEART and City and Guilds in an effort to train our boys’ real-life skills which is not limited to HEART courses. 

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Our Departments



(Chemistry, Biology, Human & Social Biology, Physics, Agriculture & Integrated Science)


(English, Italian - CILS, French & Spanish)

Cultural Studies

(Religious Education & Physical Education)


(Social Studies & Geography)


(General Maintenance, Electrical Studies, Food & Beverage - NCTVET, Industrial Techniques, Building Technology & Building Drawing)

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Information Technology

Business Studies


At Mount Pleasant Academy, we recognize that our learners have a very wide range of needs Learners are unique, and as such, we respect their individual personalities, their strengths and weaknesses. In responding to diversity, we embrace; learning about alternative teaching methods and strategies and our progress and interventions will be regularly discussed and reviewed.

A whole-school approach is adopted, and specialist staff, subject teachers and coaching staff work collaboratively to optimize the teaching and learning process for students with learning differences. In this way, students with special needs are supported in their pursuit of individual excellence.
Within the Learning Support Department, the curriculum is tailored to suit each student’s needs. These needs are determined through assessment of the student’s strength and weaknesses.

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