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Strategic Alliances

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York Castle High School Partnership

The York Castle High School and Mount Pleasant Academy have collaborated to provide
students with an academic and sport’s centered teaching and learning six form pathway that aims
to develop their exceptional academic and athletic abilities. This learning pathway will be
staffed with coaches and highly qualified instructors, appropriate sporting facilities, and a formal
curriculum with academic disciplines that are relevant to the development of professional careers in sports.

Since its establishment, Mount Pleasant Academy has been able to develop a world class athletic
and academic program to prepare students for international careers in football. Currently, York
Castle High School has one of the leading sixth form academic programs in the region.

A York Castle High and Mount Pleasant partnership provides students with the opportunity to
develop both their academic and athletic abilities for the international market.

  • Students who are generally marginalized by the current academic based curriculum will

be given an opportunity to develop their athletic skills and will be allowed to pursue an
academic program that is aligned to their specific career pathway and special athletic interests.

  • Student athletes will be better prepared academically and physically for competitive

sporting activities and will access first class facilities, learning resources, coaching and
professionals in the sports industry.

1. Students who graduate from the Mt. Pleasant Academy high school program with
the required CSEC subjects will access the Sixth Form Pathway at the York
Castle High School.

2. Current York Castle High Students who are excellent athletes will also enrol as
students in the Mount Pleasant Academy Football program.

  • Student athletes will have access to training opportunities and institutional support from

sports medicine professionals including: physiotherapists, sports psychologists and
nutritionists. Our local and international sports industry will be provided with a steady
supply of well trained and certified athletes and sports.

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