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Technical Department

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We provide professional training and preparation as well as extensive game, tournaments and attachment programs throughout the year. Through a combination of training and competitive programs and utilization of sports science and technology we equip our student- athletes with the tools required to perform at the highest levels of global football. 

At Mount Pleasant Academy we focus on creating intelligent mentally strong and physically equipped players who are capable of excelling at the professional level. 

Our smart play development model, exposure to opportunities at top professional organizations, Individualized Improvement Programs and facilities enhance individual and collective performances. Our programs are supported by a world class staff who brings out the best in each individual. Our staff are very experienced in football and are experts in youth development.  The work done by our technical staff support and condition student athletes thereby allowing them to confidently exceed their limits bringing them to higher more effective levels of performance. 

Our Technical Programs:
  • Create players with a champions mentality

  • Brings out the best in each player 

  • Provides the best football environment in the Caribbean

Our Club

Mount Pleasant Academy is a partner of Mount Pleasant Football Academy. Throughout each season out student-athletes are exposed to and connected with the club integrating players in the professional team allowing them to play at the professional level, in one of the strongest teams in the country.

Our Methodology
  • Football IQ

  • Analysis and reviews of strength and weakness

  • Mental conditioning 

  • Strength and conditioning 

Video Analysis and Data Analysis
  • Creation of highlight videos 

  • Individual and collective analysis of training and games

  • The use of GPS and HRM 

  • Competition 

  • Exposure to an elite professional environment 

  • Competition  friendly games

  • International Tournaments

  • Participation international competition 

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